About Us

2 Health is one part of a larger vision for ensuring our wellbeing by providing options that we need to thrive. At 2 Health the aim is to provide products and information to improve our physical, mental and emotional health. Currently our focus is on food and its powerful impact on our lives.

Our aim is to provide fresh and delicious food designed to improve your gut health, aid in weight management, improve your mood and save you time.

"Our mission is to become the place to go for improving all aspects of your health."

Based in Kent we have access to some of the finest butchers and greengrocers the country has to offer. Our meat is sourced from a local butcher in Sevenoaks who provides produce from their own farm and adjacent farms. It is important to us at 2 Health to have excellent realtionships with ethical suppliers as we believe this ensures you, the consumer, receive the best products.